Beatchain: a music distribution platform with extensive marketing tools for independant artists

In this episode, we discuss the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning on the music industry. Steve Jones, co-founder of Beatchain, joins us to discuss how independent artists can use big data to help promote themselves and connect with super fans.

Episode notes

Steve Jones, the co-founder of Beatchain started out a musician. Facing the challenges of the current music industry, he took matters in his own hands. He started self-promoting and organised shows for his band. Ben Mendoza, a serial tech entrepreneur noticed Steve’s efforts. Together they created the platform Beatchain which offers independant artists to distribute their music and offers tools, insight and data to artists which can be used to grow their business. Often labels do not provide such data insights to the artist.

Artists will need to strategize themselves but Beatchain scrapes the data of all socials platforms. Those datapoints provide insight in fan behaviour and allow an artists to optimize promotion. In this manner, a solid fan base can be build. Thinking of your brand and music as a business is a necessity in today’s music industry landscape.

Steve puts the emphasis on building genuine and authentic connections with the fans. Investing time in learning about marketing and promotion will provide an artist with the knowledge to take advantage of technology. Steve talks about the importance of being authentic, fans want to connect to the artist and learn more about who the artist is. Beatchain offers a one-stop shop for the independant artist.

If you have checked it out or are using it, let us know.


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