Zenith Devine – Party In The Park

Zenith Devine’s EP ‘Party In The Park’ is the colour in the grey

In a full global pandemic and months of lockdown, I had gotten quite used to a quiet calm life…. Sipping coffee, working, walking the dog, meditation, …that’s about all the excitement I could handle in one day. And then one September morning in a gloomy 2020, one of my favourite bass players Mr. Josh Paul drops his new project ‘Zenith Devine’ out of nowhere. The three track EP is called ‘Party At The Park’.

Zenith Devine is a collab between Josh Paul and Dave Arron aka Doobie Duke Sims. Josh Paul is an excellent bass player and all-round-musician/multi-instrumentalist. He is best known for his work with the rock band Daughtry. Only mentioning Josh in the context of Daughtry is a disservice to the man’s talent. He is a versatile bass player and feels at home in any genre you throw at him.



Doobie Duke Sims is a New York based artist and multi-talented dude with Belgian ancestry. Sims adds vocals and raps, guitars and other instruments. This is a collab no one saw coming…not even Josh himself. Sims reached out to Josh via Instagram and suggested to work on some of Josh’s jams. This spontaneous collab is one of the silver lining of a lockdown.

Zenith Devine‘s ‘Party In The Park’ is an ode to funk, creativity, good vibes and positivity. What else can you ask for: some good music to keep your spirits high! So what to expect from this new exciting band’s EP? Let’s talk about the title for a second. I sheepishly try to remember what a ‘party’ is ….let alone a party at the park. But then, I hit play on my Tidal HiFi account and Josh slaps us in the face with a funky bass/synth riff of the first track ‘So So Long’. This funk fest has only barely begun when Doobie Duke Sims vocals hit the musical plane.

The second track ‘Higher Than The Clouds’ is a real treat for any music lover. It has gnarly deep bass sounds, eighties synths. Doobie’s lyrics flow like jelly on a peanut butter sandwich.

‘This Holiday’ closes this EP with a soothing track reminding us that getting out of our own head is sometimes the best thing to do. The guitar solo is a testament to the variety of musical ingredients both musicians bring to this eclectic EP.

In conclusion, Zenith Devine’s songwriting is clever: strong hooks, interesting harmonies, funky bridges and spontaneous. If you want a party in the park, be sure to take this EP with you.

More good news…..the lads have finished an entire album. We’re not spilling all the beans. Josh will tell you all about it on a new episode of the Music Wise Podcast. We had the pleasure of elaborately speaking with Josh about his love for music, family life, his musical influences, his journey in the music industry and how he keeps his positivity up. His message is clear: “There’s no rules just be you….. unlimited. Be you, do you, for you”. If you want to hear this inspiring conversation with Mr. Josh Paul, keep an eye out for this new episode soon.


Make sure to check out Zenith Devine’s EP ‘Party In the Park’. And no,….there’s nothing wrong with dancing in your living room (as long as you send us videos – alright just kidding).


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  1. Julie says:

    What an awesome, accurate and well deserved review!! Josh Paul never ceases to amaze me! 🙌🏼🔥🎶❤️

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