Crystal Waters “Makin’ Happy & Stayin’ Happy: a journey through music & life”​

Crystal Waters "Makin' Happy & Stayin' Happy: a journey through music & life"

We had the pleasure to speak with house pioneer, Ms. Crystal Waters. Crystal is known for her iconic hits Gypsy Woman, 100%, Makin’ Happy. In this episode, you will get acquainted to another side of the dance queen. Throughout her career Crystal has amassed business knowledge, has honed her craft as a songwriter and has developed tools for personal growth. Crystal shares some of the tools she has equipped to navigate the music industry’s challenges and life in general.

This episode is packed with Cyrstal’s stories about her music and nuggets of wisdom! Read & download the show notes below. Follow Crystal on Instagram and Facebook (see links below).

We grew up with Crystal’s music. Do you have fond memories of her music? Let us know in the comments!

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